Proactive management in both the construction and leasing phases of your development leads to energy conservation, cost savings and added value. In managing your completed property, swift action can make all the difference. The benefit of NetUSrealestate’s® collaborative platform is that we maintain local decision-making, leadership, market focus and relationships that are centered on and in your market.

Solid planning paired with national resources is equally important. Our history has afforded us broad access to market insights, corporate and tenant connections and the ability to introduce you to relationships nationally that will benefit your success.

Successful transactions are supported by robust investment and asset management strategies. We will guide you in your investment decisions and help you address and mitigate the financial effects of any uncertainties or risks.

NetUSrealestate's® systematic approach to the development process ensures project completion without delay. We personally monitor all of our projects to make sure that completion is on time. When development opportunities arise, we respond immediately and without hesitation.
USrealestate® is there to help with all of your development needs and opportunities.  Our assistance includes but is not limited to: 

  • Strategic site selection and analysis

  • Demographic reports

  • Comprehensive development strategies founded in an 'owner's perspective'

  • Aerial photographs

  • Established resources and contacts within the development community that can expedite the development and municipal approvals

  • Proactive site planning that can lead to reduced costs

  • Respected and responsible experts with a wide network within key business and political arenas

  • Responsive and professional financial analysis tailored to the clients' specific real estate objectives

  • Project planning, feasibility, zoning and entitlement oversight

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